Travel Items You Don’t Actually Need

Travel Items You Don’t Actually Need

You’ve probably read lots of articles regarding what to pack before planning a trip but less frequently do professional travelers tell you what NOT to fill in your suitcase. Want to pack smarter? Here’s a list of travel items you don’t actually need to pack and should forget at home to make your bag lighter and easy to manage.


Even if you’re going on a five-star journey, leave your precious jewelry, including watches, at home because tourists are just asking for it when they wear their showy stuff. In fact, Women should turn their engagement rings around when moving over town markets and train stations to make sure the stones of the ring are facing their palms. If you insist on carrying precious jewelry for a specific occasion like a fancy wedding, then bring it on the plane with you; don’t check it! Leave your valuables in a security deposit box at the hotel’s front desk or cruise ship or a safe when leaving for a walk-in town.


We all like the products we want, but why use up all that space with your shampoo, lotions, and conditioner when you travel? Unless you are traveling camping or staying in a hotel, anywhere you go will have it all. If you don’t believe you will like the hotel’s brand of facilities, you can always go to a neighborhood pharmacy or grocery store and get some. If you must have your personal shampoo, then be sure it’s in the precise size container if you are doing carry-on only.


Stop even thinking about it. Do you not think the hotel, rental house, or cruise ship will have it? Carrying a hair dryer is just using up vital room in your suitcase unnecessarily and combines weight to your bags.

Paper guidebooks Gone are the times when tourists have to stock their bags or carry-on bags with thick and large guidebooks. Don’t get me wrong – guidebooks are cool, but this is the 21st century, and you can obtain all the info you require online or download it on to your tablet or smartphone.


“Pack half the clothes and twice the money”. Live by these words. As you’re planning for a trip, lay out all the clothes and cash you plan to bring. Then simply pack half the clothes and twice the quantity of money you had planned on. And don’t use the reason that you’re a girl who requires more stuff!


These days, most people own a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop, an e-reader…but do you actually require all of them when you travel? Try to cut your tech set down to the essentials and leave the others at home. For example, if you can download the Kindle app on your iPad, you can move without carrying the Kindle and simply read your books on your iPad. In this manner, you can leave their particular chargers at home, too.