The best remedy for a broken heart? Plan a trip!

Everybody knows the numbing feeling that comes with heartbreak. Places and situations are loaded with memories, they hide behind every corner and wash over you when you least expect them. A day feels like 100 years and there seems to be no escape to this agony. The bad news is, the only thing that usually helps is time. The good news is, there is a way to make time pass more quickly and fill it with a whole lot of new, exciting experiences and unique memories. That way is, you probably guessed it, traveling!

So when you feel down, pack your bag and get out there! The world is waiting with all its wonders. At this point, it doesn´t matter if you can get a few weeks off work and book a relaxing holiday, leave everything behind and plan a proper escape or if it´s a quick weekend away from everyday business. Take some time, treat yourself, a broken heart needs care, listen to it.

One of the positives is, once you´ve made the decision to get out you will be distracted because your mind is in the recovery-travel mode now and you have to make a few choices.

Travel buddy or full-solo? Do you want to find a friend to hold your hand while you discover the wonders of an unfamiliar place or do you feel like going by yourself? Whilst a familiar face can give a lot of support and knows you and your situation, sometimes that is exactly what you don´t want. Don´t hold back if you feel like this might a good time to do your own thing and reinvent yourself like a caterpillar leaving its old skin behind to shine in bright new colors.

How long do you want to go away for? There are people out there who travel for weeks, months or even years. If this is your goal, go for it! But sometimes a long weekend or a day trip is all you can fit in. Don´t feel disillusioned! Even a short trip will work wonders.

What is your budget for this trip? Sometimes a trip is not only limited by time but also by financial options. However, as just explained, it doesn´t have to be a survival tour in the Australian outback, a Yoga retreat in India, backpacking in South America or hiking the Kilimanjaro. Wherever you live, there will be someplace close by that can take your mind off your worries, at least for a little while.

Where do you want to go? This might be the most difficult question. Depending on your first answers, you narrowed the destinations down to a few options. A relaxing day at a spa can feel just as liberating as a weekend hiking, a beach holiday or a city trip.

When it comes to love or traveling just remember – there is countless options, don´t be shy and if you find yourself in a seemingly hopeless situation, there is always a surprise waiting for you!