Road trip ideas from Sacramento, California

Road trip ideas from Sacramento, California

Tap into the psychological benefits of travelling by road from Sacramento, California. You will experience winding roads and serene landscapes along the journey as you proceed to visit some fantastic locations that are only a few hours away from the city. Give your self a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, from all the stresses and work, or from always handing out personalized poker chips business cards to seek more clients. Given below are some road trip ideas from Sacramento, California;

1. Garden City, ID. Taking a road trip to Garden City lets you view contrasting landscapes along the journey. Beginning from the busy city life in Sacramento, carefully drive-up Sierra Nevada’s foothills towards the Great Basin Desert’s rough terrain. Explore Garden City’s wine-tasting rooms, engage in sports activities such as kayaking, paddleboarding, among others.

River sports activities just get better at Boise River Rapids. Feel free to engage in other fun activities, including jogging and trekking at the Boise River Greenbelt Trail. The Boise River Greenbelt is among Boise’s cherished parks. The tree-lined pathway pursues the river through the heart of the city and offers you beautiful views. It’s a wildlife habitat. It has pedestrian entry channels to a number of the city’s popular parks along the riverside. There is a collection of parks called the Ribbon of Jewels, which is situated along the pathway. 

2. Baker City/LA Grande, OR. Oregon’s Eastern outposts of La Grande and Baker City offer you a world of mountain biking between them characterized by summer-dried ski slopes, granite-peak vistas and loamy high-alpine terrain. Are you ready to shred Baker City? Then, head to beautiful trails and bike-friendly hangs such as; Phillips Lake Loop, Broadway Flow Trail Loop, Mt. Emily Rec Area Loop, Dutch Flat Out and Back, and Elkhorn Crest Trail.

Five miles East of La Grande, you will view the steaming waters of Hot Lake. This lake’s banks have an art gallery, wagon museums, a sculpture park, and a bronze foundry that are worth seeing. Why forego the amazing experience of taking a road trip tour to Baker City?

3. Los Angeles, CA. Often known by the initials; L.A, Los Angeles is located only a few hours away from Sacramento. This city is an entertainment hub as it is home to famous places such as Hollywood, which has hosted many aspiring actresses and actors worldwide. L.A. is a culturally diverse city that is known as the creative center of America. 

Visit this place and discover a thriving culinary scene, several shopping malls, sensational museums, and several other fun family attractions. If you want to enjoy sunbathing, this is the place for you to visit and enjoy the magnificent beaches and the warm climate. L.A. has a well-developed transport system that eases the sightseeing of its beautiful locations.

All Los Angeles visitors and residents must practice social distancing and wear face masks or coverings when in public places.


The benefit of travelling is to balance imagination by reality, and in-place-of thinking of how things may be, to see them as they really are. The above road trip ideas from Sacramento, California, will give you a good travel experience that you will live to remember.