Non-Touristy Things to Do in Dublin

Non-Touristy Things to Do in Dublin

Ireland’s Dublin is an amazing city with many options for a fun outing or romantic rendezvous. The locals are friendly, and they have a rich culture that has been well-preserved. Also, there are interesting attractions in the areas of arts, music, and literature. OK, this is starting to sound like tourist talk—sorry. Without further ado, we will move to the main point…

If you are pondering about ideas for non-touristy things to engage in, you are in the right place. Of course, that is why you chose to read this guide in the first place, right? Our suggestions feature ideas that will require you to shift your focus away from the busiest parts of Dublin (e.g. the city center). See them below.

Iveagh Gardens

Iveagh Gardens is situated close to the National Concert Hall. It is surrounded by buildings, so it is well-hidden from most tourists. This spot is an ideal place for anybody that wants to relax and/or reflect about things. You wouldn’t have to brush past tourists while moving around as it happens at St. Stephen’s Green.

The experience is better when the weather is cool and clear. Talk about the perfect romantic spot for lovers. Events like festivals take place in Iveagh Gardens every summer. Your good time at the park will have to come to an end by its early closing time—6pm. No night activities.

The Temple Bar Markets

This is another great place that won’t make you feel like a tourist in the midst of hundreds of other tourists. In fact, it is not easy for tourists to notice this arena (the same as for Iveagh Gardens). You just need to show up at the right time—between 8am and 5pm on Saturdays.

The Temple Bar Markets are located at Meeting House Square. You will be able to purchase foodstuff at the shops, and/or enjoy some hot meals at any of the eateries. Of course, street snacks are sold along the paths. During the summer, you can visit the Temple Bar Night Market instead of the very busy bars of Dublin. You will be able to shop for local arts and crafts there.

Smock Alley Theater

Smock Alley Theater can be found on Exchange Street Lower. Its history starts from the 17th century when it was built. The building was restored some years ago, and activities came alive again. Now, visitors can tour the interior during daytime. There are also regular shows of performing and visual arts to entertain guests. These also take place in the evenings. The box office is open every day (except Sundays) between 10am to 6pm.

The fact is that the many of Dublin’s tourist attractions host huge crowds almost every day. You simply cannot decide to go to these places, if you are looking to catch fun at somewhere visited by very few people. There are still more ideas that you can think of, apart from the ones given in this guide. What matters is that you have a great time at your chosen destination.