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Tips for Travelling Alone

Nothing boosts your confidence more than travelling alone. This is because not only are you the sole decision maker and problem solver, but you also have complete control over your time. However, before you take the plunge into solo travelling, here are some tips for travelling alone.

Select Your Destination with Care

Whether you are in search of a beach retreat, an activity-packed getaway, or a cultural journey, you want to choose a destination where you will feel safe. Your choice of destination will have a bearing on your overall experience as a solo traveler. Hence, it is important to take the time to check the safety rating of the place you wish to visit, research its history, political background, and prevailing situation.

Speak to other travelers who have been there and check out their blogs. Before you make a decision on where to go, it is also useful to check out the transport options within the country. This is to ensure that there are safe and reliable ways for getting around.

Your Choice of Hotel is Important

For safety and convenience, many solo travelers prefer to stay in the center of the city. It is recommended that you check out reputable hotels, close to the main roads. Staying close to the main places of attraction is also a good idea as it will minimize on transport costs.

Homestays are a good option if you are travelling alone, especially those run by locals, as this will give you insight into the culture, and the bonus is you may get an opportunity to sample local cuisine.

Whatever the type of accommodation you select, reading online reviews from travelers and the responses they received from the proprietors will give you a feel of the establishment and its reputation. Hotel websites will also enlighten you on the available amenities such as fitness centers and spas. Remember to enquire on whether they offer WIFI.

How to Plan Your Activity

Before you depart, have a definite idea of the sights that you wish to see, their location and the modalities involved in getting there. There are some activities that you will wish to pursue on your own, whereas others may involve booking a group tour. Check out the available departures and prices and pre-book your seat if necessary. However, try not to pack in too much activity. 

How to Stay Safe

  • Take out Travel Insurance and check that it covers emergency evacuation, hospitalization, medical care and other essentials; read the small print
  • Make copies of all important documents and save them digitally on cloud
  • Provide your family and friends with your itinerary and stay in touch with them.
  • Switch your phone to overseas mode to enable to enable you to keep in touch.
  • It is best to arrive at your destination during the day so that you can get your bearings as you take stock of your surroundings.
  • Do not carry your valuables with you, and avoid wearing expensive jewelry and flashy gear.

Most important, remember to trust your instincts and follow the same precautions that guide you at home and you can be sure that you’ll reap the life-changing benefits of solo travel.

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Pet-Friendly Travel Destinations To Take Note Of

Traveling with a pet is costly, and it also requires much planning. It is limiting when it comes to the choice of destination and activities you can participate in. However, pets are great traveling companions; they help break the ice, and you are never lonely. Some destinations are more welcoming than others when it comes to welcoming pets. Therefore here is a list of pet-friendly destinations to take note of.


Pets holding the necessary documentation are welcome in Switzerland. An extremely dog-friendly place, in Switzerland you can bring your dog along to outdoor cafes, hiking trails, and jogging on the main streets. You can take your dog along as you window-shop. Most Swiss cantons are lenient when it comes to leashes, public transportation is also welcoming to dogs.


This is a country that prides itself on being the most pet-friendly country around. Dog and cat owners will be delighted by the reception that awaits their pets. In Germany, you can choose to stay in any one of the 2,100 pet-friendly hotels available. However, a holiday home is a good option as it offers privacy, and your pet will have enough room to move around.

In Germany, you can take your dog along with you when you travel on the tram, underground, and train. You will be happy to know that most restaurants and cafes welcome pets and so do shops and shopping malls,


A pet-friendly destination to take note of is Italy. Like most European destinations, Italy is friendly to pets. You can take your pet with you to all the major cities such as Rome, Milan, Venice, Naples, Palermo, and many others. A point to note, however, Italian trains only offer carriage to cats and dogs that weigh under 13 pounds.

In addition, when you are in public places, you are required to clean up after your dog. Otherwise, your pooch is welcome to most restaurants, clothing, gift shops, and many others.


There is an abundance of destinations in the USA that welcome pets, such as:

Lake Placid New York

Located in the Adirondack Mountains, this is a pet-friendly destination that offers activities such as skiing, hiking, and fishing. Your dog will be welcome along the beaches of Lake Placid, and most of the shops located along Mirror Lake also welcome dogs.

Sanibel Island Florida

Nearly all the beaches at this wonderful location on Florida’s Gulf coast welcome pets. Over two-thirds of this vacation spot is part of a wildlife habit. While here, you can visit the J.N. Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge accompanied by your pet, provided it’s on a leash. 

A bird watcher’s paradise, over 245 species of birds have been spotted here. You may also get a chance to spot a few of the 35 species of animals found here.

There is no shortage of possibilities if you decide to take your pet along with you on your travels. Unlike other travel companions, a pet will fall in with your plans without arguments. You will also find it easy to friends with like-minded animal lovers which will enrich your experience. 

United Kingdom

Pets are permitted into England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland provided they comply with the basic entry requirements. England is the ideal destination for hiking with your dog, and there is a good selection of pet-friendly hotels and restaurants that you can visit.

The Brits have a reputation for being ‘mad about dogs’, therefore there is an abundance of dog-friendly parks, beaches, and gardens that you can visit all over England.

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7 Great Tips for Surviving a Road Trip

Nothing blows away the cobwebs more effectively than a road trip in the company of family or friends. Your mind is at ease as you enjoy beautiful landscapes and make memories whilst bonding with your companions.

However, many things can go wrong when you are on the road, in addition to which boredom can set it. Hence, here are some great tips for surviving a road trip.

Take time to choose your destination and season of travel

Successful road trips require careful planning. This will mean zeroing in on details such as the set budget, season of travel, your destination, and the routes you will follow.  Will you use scenic back routes, or will you stick to the freeway? If your intention is to travel for the holidays, advance reservation will be necessary as resorts and hotels may be heavily booked. 

What vehicle will you use?

Your personal vehicle may not be suitable for the trip you are planning. You may need to look into the possibility of hiring a 4X4 vehicle perhaps with a larger luggage capacity and extra room for the comfort of the passengers. If however, you opt to use your own vehicle, it is prudent to schedule a tune-up to ensure that it is sound. Items to check include tires, headlights, and brakes. Do remember to carry the spare key for your car.

What to pack

There are certain essentials that you need to carry along on a road trip, such as water, snacks, wet wipes, and paper towels. A battery phone charger, blankets and sleeping bags also come in handy. It is important to keep hydrated, therefore carry along an adequate supply of drinking water.

It is important to schedule stops

Scheduled stops add to the fun of a road trip hence it is a good idea to do some research to identify interesting places where you can break the journey, stretch your legs, have a picnic or discover a local eatery. Take lots of pictures, buy souvenirs and chat with the locals.

Equip yourself with entertainment

Boredom can easily set in when you drive for long stretches; hence your passengers will appreciate some entertainment. Compile a playlist in advance composed of old favorites that everyone will want to sing along to. Word games are fun; you can tell each other jokes and figure out puzzles. Audiobooks are also a good option, as not everyone can read in a moving car.

Take turns at the wheel

A safe driver is one who is well-rested, therefore take turns to drive so that all drivers have a chance for a nap.

Make it a goal to be flexible

A road trip is a rare opportunity to relax and enjoy time with family and friends; therefore it is a time to be spontaneous. Take the odd detour, slow down, and appreciate a sunset, stop for a picnic and savor the special moments. Road trips are an opportunity for reflection, and they infuse you with gratitude.