Hiking Club Tasks

Mountain hiking is a popular pastime in the southern United States, particularly in the states of Texas, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina and South Carolina. It is a very adventurous and interesting pursuit, and one can also have a great time on the water with a canoe.

The first of two articles in this series about mountain hiking. The second article covers some practical advice for safe canoeing on a river.

Being brave, and perhaps a little bit of a daredevil, most people go to the mountains in the first place for the hills.

Some, however, want to experience a bit more of the outdoors and want to get out of the office or house and explore the trees, the bushes and everywhere in between.

There are quite a few hiking clubs in the USA that organise trips that usually start off with an orientation session at a local hiking centre where beginners are taught how to properly prepare, pack and ensure safe hiking. Thereafter, the group sets out on the desired trail to a destination of their choosing. Some trails are marked clearly, while others are not, and many are mountainous, so it is a good idea for beginners to be properly geared up and know how to handle a knife.

Those who want to stretch their legs beyond the office can be invited to join the folks who go walking in the mountains of the Appalachians and the High Sierra. In most cases the membership of the hiking club consists of local enthusiasts, who understand the joy of being outdoors and also enjoy getting out and experiencing all that there is to offer. From hikes to river trips and river rafting, there is plenty going on.

Being brave is not always a must, but it does help. When searching for a hiking group, be sure to ask others about the organisations that they belong to and compare it to your anticipated trip. Those with a green badge next to their name are those who are environmentally conscious.

These members take safety seriously and go hiking with the idea of having a great time. Some groups take members on guided walks in groups, where the participants are also a good indication of those who are capable of properly guiding others. For those with a yellow badge, the group will be camping and living in a tent is a part of the experience.

The red badge signifies the most serious hikers. These members have experienced a lot of stress and fatigue, along with serious injuries and some deaths. These are the people you do not want to meet on your trek. They know their limits and will push those limits to see just how far they can push themselves. Being in the green badge earns you the respect of those who go on hikes.

It is important to take a look at what the badges represent, and if there is a badge for you. To avoid potential embarrassment, consider the badge you are wanting to obtain and if it could meet your expectations. A yellow badge with a green group might suit some, but you do not want to run into those who have given up on life. A yellow group means “let’s see where we are at”, green group “lets see how far we can push this thing!”


Tourist Attractions in Manila

The Newberry Art Museum has a long history, as it was built in 1913, and opened its doors to the public in 1915. It continues to play an active role in providing cultural and educational opportunities to a diverse community, today. Located in a residential community of 50 homes on 26 acres in the historic district of Newberry, South Carolina, the museum occupies an undulating lawn in the center of a hilly Newberry town center. The museum contains permanent and temporary exhibits and collections that encompass African American history, American history, history of art and the visual arts, regional art, natural history and zoology, social history, photography, western art, and theater.

The museum’s art galleries are uniquely diverse, with a representation from Native American, African American, Latino American, Native American art, Asian American and Pacific Islander, South Asian American, and white American art.

The Newberry Art Museum has two reading rooms. The main reading room can hold 600 people and has both a caf and auditorium, plus a dance studio and workshop for community dance. The Loeb Classical Library is on the top floor, and houses two reading rooms. Other rooms include a photography gallery, gift shop, media room, music gallery, children’s museum, archives, and classrooms.

The South Carolina Historical Museum is housed in a restored 19th-century courthouse that was constructed in 1852. The museum’s exhibits and displays are collected from across the state, reflecting the culture of South Carolina in the 1850s to the present day. The South Carolina Historical Museum contains the world’s largest collection of historic public buildings and the stories of the people who built them.

The museum’s permanent collection includes period furniture, period lighting, period photographs, period photographs of Colonial Williamsburg, period Civil War uniforms, period weapons, period vehicle and ship replicas, period musical instruments, period farmhouses, period landscapes, period statues, period signs, period street names and signs, period landscape paintings, period flags, period car flags, period railroad flags, period village life flags, period farm life signs, period historic landscapes, period maps, period village life signs, period farm life displays, period historical billboards, period architectural murals, period scenic art, period music paintings, period musical instruments, period town life displays, period vehicles and ship displays, period theater art, period historic ephemera, period coins, period medals, period clocks, period journals, period journals and journals pages, period period posters, period theater banners, period flags for commercial buildings, period banners for tourist attractions, period banners for public buildings, period banners for special events, period historic ephemeral objects, period historic paintings, period historic ephemeral prints, period musical ephemeral objects, period theater painting posters, period posters for motion pictures, period historical ephemeral objects, period advertisements, period prints for commercial buildings, period prints for tourist attractions, period prints for historic buildings, period historical ephemeral prints, period photographic prints, period motion picture prints, period period scenic prints, period scenic art prints, period prints for historic buildings, period wedding announcements, period posters for motion pictures, period posters for tourist attractions, period advertising posters, period promotional materials, period advertising banners, period historical posters, period historical ephemeral materials, period theatrical posters, period theatrical ephemeral materials, period historic ephemeral materials, period historic ephemeral materials, period historic ephemeral prints, period historic ephemeral prints, period historic paintings, period historic paintings, period historical paintings, period historic paintings, period historical paintings, period historic paintings, period national flags, period historical banners, period historical banners for local businesses, period local business signs, period historical banners, period historical banners for popular hotels, period promotional banners, period promotional materials, period promotional materials, period decorative banners, period decorative banners, period historic banners, period national banners, period promotional banners, period traditional banners, period scenic banners, period banners for motion pictures, period promotional materials, period decorative banners, period banners for motion pictures, period promotional materials, period banners for popular hotels, period promotional banners, period historical banners, period artistic banners, period historical banners, period historical banners for famous hotels, period banners for motion pictures, period historic banners, period seasonal banners, period decorative banners, period patriotic banners, period national flags, period local business banners, period historic banners, period seasonal banners, period patriotic banners, period banners for motion pictures, seasonal banners

brighton beach

Best Places to Visit in Melbourne

The city of Melbourne has a lot of pleasure and memories to give visitors that want a swell experience. There are many attractions with unique features. Why don’t you go through this guide to see the reasons tourists need to set some days aside to explore this location?

  • Hosier Lane
  • Yarra River
  • Eureka Tower
  • The Royal Botanic Gardens

Hosier Lane

If you’re an art enthusiast, then it would be a good idea to check out the works of Hosier Lane’s street artists. The first thought that would probably come to your mind as you set eyes on each artwork is that “it’s beautiful”—maybe saying it like the hypnotized people in the movie Bird Box. The colorful walls are photo-worthy, and admiring them will definitely brighten your day.

Yarra River

Sometimes, taking a walk can be the solution to boredom. However, taking a walk along the Yarra riverside gives you more than just excitement. Take it all in as you move along its sides, and watch it glistening as the sun rays touch its surface. You’ll also enjoy looking at the greenery surrounding it and the faraway buildings.

If you get there early, you’ll be able to get an idea of a typical Melbournian’s morning. That time of the day features people jogging, cycling, boating, or taking their dogs for walks. Tourists have the option of booking a guided tour with Yarra River Cruises.

Eureka Tower

This tower has a view special kind of view to offer you. It’s like a special on a fine dining restaurant’s evening menu. When you get to the 88th floor of the Eureka Tower—the tallest in the city—an awesome wide view of the city is what you’ll get. The view is better than what photographs will show you.

It’s best to get there some minutes before sunset, so that you can catch a day and night view. It’s really something to see the well-lit city buildings at night from a vantage position.

A far better view is afforded by “The Edge” at Eureka Skydeck. Of course, this is for those who aren’t afraid of heights. The Edge is made of glass in the shape of a cube. The walls, ceiling, and floor are also made of glass. You’ll be about 300 meters from the ground while inside it.

The Royal Botanic Gardens

Are you looking for tranquility somewhere in the city? Then the Royal Botanic Garden might just suit your needs. You can have a picnic with loved ones at this venue or just take a quiet stroll around. It can be the perfect place for a solo tourist too who just wants to have a place to think or admire the well-kept gardens. This site features numerous plant collections, Ornamental Lake, Shrine of Remembrance, and so on.

Pick Melbourne as the destination for your next tourist adventure, and you won’t regret it. It’s a wonderful city with a heart. We recommend not forgetting to go to the 88th of floor  of the Eureka Tower to give the love for this city a chance—by taking in that amazing view—of course.           

milan, italy

Top 5 Attractions in Milan You Should Consider Visiting

The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is one of the earth’s most old enclosed shopping malls. It was developed in the late 1800s. With its blue towering central dome, vaulted glass ceilings, mosaic flooring, and the mall’s architecture are as remarkable as the high-end couture given in its shops, including Borsalino, Louis Vuitton, and Prada. As a meeting place, the shopping center has now earned the nickname “il salotto di Milano,” which is translated as “Milan’s drawing-room”. Tradition has it that setting on one’s heel above the mosaic bull below the central dome produces good luck.


One of the most classic Gothic cathedrals in Europe is the Milan Cathedral, also identified as the Duomo di Milano. This is the biggest cathedral in Italy and one of the biggest in the world too, lovingly dedicated to Saint Mary Nascent. It lies in the center of Milan, with the streets spreading from it or surrounding it.


Built and designed in the late 1400s by famous Renaissance architect Donato Bramante, the Church of Santa Maria Della Grazie is known for its most popular artifact: The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci. Instead of a 21-year-long renovation process performed in 1999, the painting gives only evidence of its original glory. Its art is so great that observing it is still a great and moving experience for many visitors. Only 25 visitors can see the masterpiece at a time, securing reservations compulsory for the must-see masterpiece.


The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is one of the earth’s most old enclosed shopping malls. It was developed in the late 1800s. With its blue towering central dome, vaulted glass ceilings, mosaic flooring, and the mall’s architecture are as remarkable as the high-end couture given in its shops, including Borsalino, Louis Vuitton, and Prada. As a meeting place, the shopping center’s fame won the Galleria the nickname “il salotto di Milano,” or Milan’s drawing-room. Tradition has it that setting on one’s heel above the mosaic bull below the central dome produces good luck.


Also recognized as the Quadrilatero della moda, in addition to being Milan’s most elite purchasing area, QUADRILATERO D’ORO is also one of the world’s most famous centers for fashion. The “Golden Quadrilateral” includes many city blocks, most of which are decorated with Neoclassical architecture. Via Sant’Andrea highlights some of the fashion world’s brightest luminaries, including Armani, Hermès, Michael Kors, and Chanel. The elegant Via Manzoni possesses architectural gems worth touring, including the luxurious Grand Hotel et de Milan. Here, Giuseppe Verdi died on January 27, 1901.


The Sforzesco Castle represents the fierce rivalries among families in Renaissance Italy. It was established as a fortress during the 14th century; the structure became a showcase of strength and influence. Among the castle’s most important inhabitants were Beatrice d’Este and Ludovico il Moro, a couple who filled the Sforzesco with expensive art and furnishings. Now, the castle is home to the Museo d’Arte Antica, where the Pietà Rondanini, Michelangelo’s ultimate masterpiece, is the center of attention. An extensive exhibit of historical Egyptian art is likewise on show in the castle’s former apartments.


Non-Touristy Things to Do in Dublin

Ireland’s Dublin is an amazing city with many options for a fun outing or romantic rendezvous. The locals are friendly, and they have a rich culture that has been well-preserved. Also, there are interesting attractions in the areas of arts, music, and literature. OK, this is starting to sound like tourist talk—sorry. Without further ado, we will move to the main point…

If you are pondering about ideas for non-touristy things to engage in, you are in the right place. Of course, that is why you chose to read this guide in the first place, right? Our suggestions feature ideas that will require you to shift your focus away from the busiest parts of Dublin (e.g. the city center). See them below.

Iveagh Gardens

Iveagh Gardens is situated close to the National Concert Hall. It is surrounded by buildings, so it is well-hidden from most tourists. This spot is an ideal place for anybody that wants to relax and/or reflect about things. You wouldn’t have to brush past tourists while moving around as it happens at St. Stephen’s Green.

The experience is better when the weather is cool and clear. Talk about the perfect romantic spot for lovers. Events like festivals take place in Iveagh Gardens every summer. Your good time at the park will have to come to an end by its early closing time—6pm. No night activities.

The Temple Bar Markets

This is another great place that won’t make you feel like a tourist in the midst of hundreds of other tourists. In fact, it is not easy for tourists to notice this arena (the same as for Iveagh Gardens). You just need to show up at the right time—between 8am and 5pm on Saturdays.

The Temple Bar Markets are located at Meeting House Square. You will be able to purchase foodstuff at the shops, and/or enjoy some hot meals at any of the eateries. Of course, street snacks are sold along the paths. During the summer, you can visit the Temple Bar Night Market instead of the very busy bars of Dublin. You will be able to shop for local arts and crafts there.

Smock Alley Theater

Smock Alley Theater can be found on Exchange Street Lower. Its history starts from the 17th century when it was built. The building was restored some years ago, and activities came alive again. Now, visitors can tour the interior during daytime. There are also regular shows of performing and visual arts to entertain guests. These also take place in the evenings. The box office is open every day (except Sundays) between 10am to 6pm.

The fact is that the many of Dublin’s tourist attractions host huge crowds almost every day. You simply cannot decide to go to these places, if you are looking to catch fun at somewhere visited by very few people. There are still more ideas that you can think of, apart from the ones given in this guide. What matters is that you have a great time at your chosen destination.

traveller with backpack

Best Ways to Spot a Backpacker

A backpacker can be recognized merely as a personality who loves to travel by moving with all of his belongings in a rucksack. This idea of traveling is considered a less expensive way of traveling where the backpackers can travel to many places without breaking the bank.

The baggage-free method of investigating the new objective is an extraordinary occasion where travelers trade the solace of lodging for an inn, road food over vacationer cafés, and public transportation over private. They also prefer to meet comparative sorts of travelers in their investigation and make the same number of local companions they can on their visit, so they take notes from them and have a great experience.

Here we have listed seven ways to spot backpackers, so check them out!


Regardless of whether it be getting a taxi, drawing near to the closest market, or appreciating the traditional dishes, you will discover the backpackers living off their telephones. They look for joy in basic things that life has to bring to the table; you won’t find them busy with innovation. They will want to notice a site’s magnificence or nature with their own eyes than through the camera focal point.


Another remarkable characteristic of a backpacker is that they know about a few languages. You will discover a backpacker at any rate familiar with a couple of languages other than their first language. They will also communicate simple terms like welcome, presenting themselves, and wishing great wellbeing to locals in a few different dialects.


You can quickly recognize a backpacker in your transit line, their exceptional colorful passport. The backpackers known for traveling to their hearts’ content can be found in possession of different colored passports.


This is another characteristic found among the backpacker; you won’t discover them relying upon the guides or Google appraisals. Backpackers decide to depend on the locals’ data, which will be more exact than entirely contingent upon the guides.


In the cost-productive traveling method, you will discover the backpackers attempting to set aside as much as could be expected under the circumstances. They won’t utilize GPS routes squandering the information right to the objective. At the same time, you will discover them with the applications with disconnected guides highlights or them much of the time downloading the guides route through the area at whatever point they hit a complimentary wireless internet hotspot.


Same as the traditional tourists, backpackers don’t appear to be that much into appearing unusual among local people. There have been heaps of situations where the tourists are made focused on thievery and mugging.


The backpackers have a talent for not packing more than that is basic during their journey. They don’t carry more than needed sets of garments or footwear; they likewise prefer to keep gadgets and accessories limited – excluding those that are not excessively much important.

dog in car

Road trip ideas from Sacramento, California

Tap into the psychological benefits of travelling by road from Sacramento, California. You will experience winding roads and serene landscapes along the journey as you proceed to visit some fantastic locations that are only a few hours away from the city. Give your self a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, from all the stresses and work, or from always handing out personalized poker chips business cards to seek more clients. Given below are some road trip ideas from Sacramento, California;

1. Garden City, ID. Taking a road trip to Garden City lets you view contrasting landscapes along the journey. Beginning from the busy city life in Sacramento, carefully drive-up Sierra Nevada’s foothills towards the Great Basin Desert’s rough terrain. Explore Garden City’s wine-tasting rooms, engage in sports activities such as kayaking, paddleboarding, among others.

River sports activities just get better at Boise River Rapids. Feel free to engage in other fun activities, including jogging and trekking at the Boise River Greenbelt Trail. The Boise River Greenbelt is among Boise’s cherished parks. The tree-lined pathway pursues the river through the heart of the city and offers you beautiful views. It’s a wildlife habitat. It has pedestrian entry channels to a number of the city’s popular parks along the riverside. There is a collection of parks called the Ribbon of Jewels, which is situated along the pathway. 

2. Baker City/LA Grande, OR. Oregon’s Eastern outposts of La Grande and Baker City offer you a world of mountain biking between them characterized by summer-dried ski slopes, granite-peak vistas and loamy high-alpine terrain. Are you ready to shred Baker City? Then, head to beautiful trails and bike-friendly hangs such as; Phillips Lake Loop, Broadway Flow Trail Loop, Mt. Emily Rec Area Loop, Dutch Flat Out and Back, and Elkhorn Crest Trail.

Five miles East of La Grande, you will view the steaming waters of Hot Lake. This lake’s banks have an art gallery, wagon museums, a sculpture park, and a bronze foundry that are worth seeing. Why forego the amazing experience of taking a road trip tour to Baker City?

3. Los Angeles, CA. Often known by the initials; L.A, Los Angeles is located only a few hours away from Sacramento. This city is an entertainment hub as it is home to famous places such as Hollywood, which has hosted many aspiring actresses and actors worldwide. L.A. is a culturally diverse city that is known as the creative center of America. 

Visit this place and discover a thriving culinary scene, several shopping malls, sensational museums, and several other fun family attractions. If you want to enjoy sunbathing, this is the place for you to visit and enjoy the magnificent beaches and the warm climate. L.A. has a well-developed transport system that eases the sightseeing of its beautiful locations.

All Los Angeles visitors and residents must practice social distancing and wear face masks or coverings when in public places.


The benefit of travelling is to balance imagination by reality, and in-place-of thinking of how things may be, to see them as they really are. The above road trip ideas from Sacramento, California, will give you a good travel experience that you will live to remember. 

building in oxford, england

Oxford, England Travel Guide

With its honey-colored colleges arrayed in splendor beside the river, Oxford is a captivating vision of modern charm and medieval learning. Although there is more to this city than Oxford University, the city’s defining feature is very much the university. Here are the top must-see attractions in Oxford, England. 

Christ Church

With its enthralling combination of double identity, literary heritage, and majestic architecture, Christ Church attracts lots of tourists. Among the largest colleges in Oxford, it was founded by Cardinal Wolsey in 1525. This college has assembled a remarkable art collection. Artworks displayed in the Picture Gallery include drawings and painting by Michelangelo, Tintoretto, as well as other Renaissance masters. Also, the Christ Church Meadow is a vast expanse bordered by the Thames and Cherwell rivers – it is perfect for a leisurely walk. 

Bodleian Library

At least 5 kings, Nobel laureates, and dozens of prime ministers have studied in this library, a spectacular survivor from the Bronze Ages. Stroll into its seventeenth-century quad, and you can appreciate its age-old buildings for free. You will need to join a guided tour to see the rest of this library complex.

Ashmolean Museum

This is the oldest public museum in Britain and it is only surpassed by the British Museum in London. It was built in 1683 when a collection of ‘rarities’ was presented to Oxford University by Elias Ashmole. An exhibition celebrates the 400th birthday of Ashmole by showing original treasures. You could easily spend the whole day exploring this spectacular neoclassical building. 

Magdalen College

Guarding access to a magnificent expanse of deer park, river walks, and woodlands, Magdalen is one of the most beautiful and wealthiest colleges of Oxford. Beyond its stylish Victorian gateway, it has a glorious 15th-century tower and medieval tower. There is also the impressive 15th-century cloister where the fantastic carved figures may have inspired The Chronicles of Narnia stone statues by CS Lewis. 

Pitt Rivers Museum

If exploring a huge room full of unexpected and eccentric artifacts sounds like your idea of an ideal afternoon, the Pitt Rivers museum is a top pick. Dimly lit to preserve its myriad treasures and tucked behind the natural history museum, it is centered on an anthropological collected assembled by a Victorian general. Exploring its 3 balconied floors, you may encounter anything from a warrior’s helmet to Japanese Noh-theatre masks or Mesopotamian temple receipts.

Radcliffe Camera

Definitely the most photographed landmark in Oxford, the Radcliffe Camera is a columned, circular, light-filled, and beautiful library. Built in grand Palladian style between 1737 and 1749, as “Radcliffe Library”, it is surpassed by the third-largest dome in Britain. 

stacks of luggages

Travel Items You Don’t Actually Need

You’ve probably read lots of articles regarding what to pack before planning a trip but less frequently do professional travelers tell you what NOT to fill in your suitcase. Want to pack smarter? Here’s a list of travel items you don’t actually need to pack and should forget at home to make your bag lighter and easy to manage.


Even if you’re going on a five-star journey, leave your precious jewelry, including watches, at home because tourists are just asking for it when they wear their showy stuff. In fact, Women should turn their engagement rings around when moving over town markets and train stations to make sure the stones of the ring are facing their palms. If you insist on carrying precious jewelry for a specific occasion like a fancy wedding, then bring it on the plane with you; don’t check it! Leave your valuables in a security deposit box at the hotel’s front desk or cruise ship or a safe when leaving for a walk-in town.


We all like the products we want, but why use up all that space with your shampoo, lotions, and conditioner when you travel? Unless you are traveling camping or staying in a hotel, anywhere you go will have it all. If you don’t believe you will like the hotel’s brand of facilities, you can always go to a neighborhood pharmacy or grocery store and get some. If you must have your personal shampoo, then be sure it’s in the precise size container if you are doing carry-on only.


Stop even thinking about it. Do you not think the hotel, rental house, or cruise ship will have it? Carrying a hair dryer is just using up vital room in your suitcase unnecessarily and combines weight to your bags.

Paper guidebooks Gone are the times when tourists have to stock their bags or carry-on bags with thick and large guidebooks. Don’t get me wrong – guidebooks are cool, but this is the 21st century, and you can obtain all the info you require online or download it on to your tablet or smartphone.


“Pack half the clothes and twice the money”. Live by these words. As you’re planning for a trip, lay out all the clothes and cash you plan to bring. Then simply pack half the clothes and twice the quantity of money you had planned on. And don’t use the reason that you’re a girl who requires more stuff!


These days, most people own a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop, an e-reader…but do you actually require all of them when you travel? Try to cut your tech set down to the essentials and leave the others at home. For example, if you can download the Kindle app on your iPad, you can move without carrying the Kindle and simply read your books on your iPad. In this manner, you can leave their particular chargers at home, too.

woman sightseeing

Tips for Travelling Alone

Nothing boosts your confidence more than travelling alone. This is because not only are you the sole decision maker and problem solver, but you also have complete control over your time. However, before you take the plunge into solo travelling, here are some tips for travelling alone.

Select Your Destination with Care

Whether you are in search of a beach retreat, an activity-packed getaway, or a cultural journey, you want to choose a destination where you will feel safe. Your choice of destination will have a bearing on your overall experience as a solo traveler. Hence, it is important to take the time to check the safety rating of the place you wish to visit, research its history, political background, and prevailing situation.

Speak to other travelers who have been there and check out their blogs. Before you make a decision on where to go, it is also useful to check out the transport options within the country. This is to ensure that there are safe and reliable ways for getting around.

Your Choice of Hotel is Important

For safety and convenience, many solo travelers prefer to stay in the center of the city. It is recommended that you check out reputable hotels, close to the main roads. Staying close to the main places of attraction is also a good idea as it will minimize on transport costs.

Homestays are a good option if you are travelling alone, especially those run by locals, as this will give you insight into the culture, and the bonus is you may get an opportunity to sample local cuisine.

Whatever the type of accommodation you select, reading online reviews from travelers and the responses they received from the proprietors will give you a feel of the establishment and its reputation. Hotel websites will also enlighten you on the available amenities such as fitness centers and spas. Remember to enquire on whether they offer WIFI.

How to Plan Your Activity

Before you depart, have a definite idea of the sights that you wish to see, their location and the modalities involved in getting there. There are some activities that you will wish to pursue on your own, whereas others may involve booking a group tour. Check out the available departures and prices and pre-book your seat if necessary. However, try not to pack in too much activity. 

How to Stay Safe

  • Take out Travel Insurance and check that it covers emergency evacuation, hospitalization, medical care and other essentials; read the small print
  • Make copies of all important documents and save them digitally on cloud
  • Provide your family and friends with your itinerary and stay in touch with them.
  • Switch your phone to overseas mode to enable to enable you to keep in touch.
  • It is best to arrive at your destination during the day so that you can get your bearings as you take stock of your surroundings.
  • Do not carry your valuables with you, and avoid wearing expensive jewelry and flashy gear.

Most important, remember to trust your instincts and follow the same precautions that guide you at home and you can be sure that you’ll reap the life-changing benefits of solo travel.